Wendel Melchor II



Title: Lord of Honorguard
Allegiance: House Stark
Age: 38
Religion: Gods of the First Men
Habits: Riding, Falconry. Tournaments
Likes: Battle, Drinking, Feasting
Dislikes: Cravens, Ironborn, Bandits, Septons
Positive Traits: Energetic, Forthright, Heroic
Neutral Traits: Outspoken, Stubborn, Tough
Negative Traits: Abrasive, Argumentative, Suspicious

Wendel Melchor II is Lord of House Melchor and Castle Honorguard.


Born in 20AC, heir of Lord Lyonel Melchor IV and lady Theresa Manderly Wendel Melchor II came into his lordship in the year 51AC, after the wedding of King Jaehaerys and Queen Alysanne, that made public their union in an austere ceremony in King’s Landing. Lord Lyonel Melchor IV died in Kings Landing from a stroke. He was 51 years of age.

Wendel Melchor II

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