Leondegrance Ryswell



Title: Lord of Cavalyard
Allegiance: House Ryswell
Age: 38
Religion: Gods of the First Men
Habits: Riding, Falconry. Tournaments
Likes: Battle, Drinking, Feasting
Dislikes: Cravens, Ironborn, Bandits, Septons
Positive Traits: Energetic, Forthright, Heroic
Neutral Traits: Outspoken, Stubborn, Tough
Negative Traits: Abrasive, Argumentative, Suspicious

Leondegrance Ryswell is Lord of House Ryswell and Castle Cavalyard. A boisterous and hot-blooded ruler, Leondegrance is beloved by his people and feared by his enemies.


Born in 20AC, heir of Lord Grance Ryswell and Leondra Melchor. He came into his lordship in the year 37AC, the first year of the reign of King Aeny’s I Targaryen.

Leondegrance Ryswell

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