House Ryswell



House Words Courage, Spirit and Freedom
Defense: 33 Seat: Cavalyard
Influence: 31 Lord: Leondegrance Ryswell
Lands: 31 Heir: Lohengrin Ryswell
Law: 22 Region: The North
Population: 22 Title: Lord of Cavalyard
Power: 33 Overlord: House Stark
Wealth: 24 Founded: Age of Heroes
Total: 196 Religion: Gods of the First Men


House Ryder were First Men kings who ruled the Rills and eventually submitted to House Stark, the Kings of Winter from Winterfell. It is unknown how or when House Ryswell came to rule the Rills, although King Theon Stark once put down a rebellion in the Rills.

An old story tells that when seventy-nine deserters left the Wall, one of them was the youngest son of Lord Ryswell, who decided to look for shelter at his father’s keep. However, Lord Ryswell returned his son and his companions to the Nightfort, where they were buried alive in the ice to forever stand the watch they had abandoned. Late in his life Lord Ryswell took the black to end his days watching behind his son.

House Ryswell

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